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Etsy SALE!


The Little Giantess enamel brooch has just reached 200 ‘favourites’ on my etsy shop! To celebrate, I’ve set up a week-long 20% sale on all purchases over £5. Don’t forget, to claim your discount you must enter the promo code GIANTESS as you check out!!

Link -> SHOP


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My shop is open for business! I got my tester print back from the printers a couple of days ago and was so pleased that I immediately spent silly-money on ordering more.

For now there are only five prints available, but if it goes well I’ll expand the range!Screen

I think it says it on there but please allow 14 days for all orders.  Within the UK only, I’m afraid.

PS. If you notice any stupid mistakes, please don’t imagine I’m too proud to be told about it!

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