Danae and Perseus

percival danae & perseus2Danae and Perseus, thrown into the sea in a large chest by her father.  Her future husband catches the chest in his fishing nets and releases them.  Here’s part of a poem about it by Simonides:

… When, in the finely wrought chest,

the blowing wind and the swelling sea

struck her with fear, her cheeks wet

she put her loving arms round Perseus

and said, ‘My child, what trouble is mine.

But you sleep sound, your little heart

at peace as you lie on comfortless

bronze-nailed wood, drowsing in the unlit night,

the black dark.  You care nothing

for the deep spray of the swelling sea

above your head, nor the roaring wind,

as you lie there, your pretty face

bright in the crimson shawl.

If this danger were danger to you,

your tiny ear would hear my words.

But as it is, I tell you, sleep,

my baby, and let the sea sleep,

and let our endless suffering sleep …’



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4 responses to “Danae and Perseus

  1. Jane Claire

    Gorgeous – and I love the baby’s tiny hand! x

  2. Lalage

    You capture the deep seriousness of a mother’s total protection of her baby, in her facial expression and her body’s enveloping of Perseus. You complement the sentiment of the poem. Congratulations.

  3. Blooming lovely, you have done it!

  4. Jane Percival

    I love this drawing!

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