I Woke Up One Morning…

EPercival1I woke up one morning before it was light and started walking.

EPercival2By sunrise I was at the coast.  I jumped on the first boat out of port.

EPercival3I travelled the world.

EPercival4But I came home, because I really missed you.

A short narrative project for the MA.



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6 responses to “I Woke Up One Morning…

  1. Jane Claire

    Nell these are really beautiful. What a lovely way to start my day! Jx

  2. lalage

    You convey her coinfidence as she follows her instincts, and then her composure as she realises what she needs to do. She has the journey and then she comes home. In your illustrations there is a real sense of the direction of the narrative and also of her personality. I found it very moving.

  3. lalage

    I forgot to say: it reminds me of your Marilyn Robinson illustrations.

  4. Evelyn

    What a clever bunny!

  5. jane percival

    Dearest Nell,

    I love the sudden freedom of these drawings! I see Chinese brush painting influence , ( with which i have always had a natural affinity). And i love the terseness of the story “Less is more”. I realise it is probably the outline of what you are proposing to work on….

    Much love, Jane X

    Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2013 08:53:20 +0000 To: janepercival@hotmail.com

  6. These really are exceptional. She seems like a woman quite sure of herself with her chin lifted and her sights set high. I particularly love the choppy sea in the ferry painting. x

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