Mural for Zizzi Worcester

The main reason that I haven’t posted in so long is that I have been working for the past couple of months on my design for a mural at Zizzi’s new Worcester branch.  After the menu competition, Zizzi contacted me about this and, despite feeling somewhat intimidated by the scale of the job, I leapt at it.  Zizzi like their restaurants to be locally relevant, so my design incorporated features Worcester is known for: gloved hands pointing the way up the staircase (the city was formerly the glove-making capital of the country), musicians and a poem by his wife as a nod to Edward Elgar having lived in and loved Worcestershire, local apple trees framing the window, and the River Severn winding its way down the stairwell from the ‘source’ – a glove pouring water from a piece of Worcester porcelain (not geographically or geologically correct but that’s artistic licence for you).  I even researched which fish could be found in that part of the river!

Here’s a big load of pictures: (and more blathering beneath them)

I had five days in beautiful Worcester, working long hours, surrounded by an amazing group of managers, waiting staff, builders and a lovely fellow mural-painting illustrator, James Grover (see his work here and here).  It was a long haul (my shoulders and sleep pattern are still recovering) but I feel good about the final outcome.

Though it’s hideously self-agrandising, I do want to say “thank you” to a few people: Nikki and the Zizzi Big Bosses for giving me another fantastic opportunity; Tom and my Ma for constant telephone-based moral support; James for colouring suggestions, encouragement, camera-lending and generally being a buddy; and all the staff and workers (especially Neesha for the pick’n’mix) whose way I was in for a week – I hope the restaurant does brilliantly!



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2 responses to “Mural for Zizzi Worcester

  1. you must be so proud, (I am) bloody brilliant work!

  2. Very nice work! loved all of them.

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