Middlessex by Jeffrey Eugenides is another of my absolute favourite books. A man looks back on his childhood as a girl in suburban Detroit and on his Greek family’s history that led to his genetic quirk. I’ve been wanting to do a book cover for it for literally years but whenever I’ve sat down with my sketchbook I’ve found it inexplicably difficult to settle on the right theme or symbol. In the end though, I think it’s finally worked after I returned to the picture that kept coming back to me – one of the protagonist’s grandmother’s silkworms in its cocoon.

Again I must point out that Bloomsbury Paperbacks have not commissioned me; I did this FOR SELF-PROMOTION (and fun) ONLY.



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4 responses to “Middlesex

  1. Maria Bird

    Really excellent cover design. The yellow/orange writing for Middlesex is particularly effective. I think they should change the cover to this immediately.

  2. I agree, also… I have Middlesex sitting on my bookshelf waiting for a read. If it had this cover I may have felt more intrigued. By the way, I am totally amazed at your last few posts, the grandfather clock and boat especially 😉 XXX

  3. It’s a really nice one. I found it at google and it stands out from the real ones.
    just posted it on tumblr. i hope you don’t mind it.

    • eleanorpercival

      No that’s really nice of you, thanks; and I really appreciate that you put up a link to my blog. Love your tumblr too.

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