I can only dream . . .

No, I haven’t become the new favourite illustrator at Faber & Faber (yet . . .) I read ‘Housekeeping’ by Marilynne Robinson a couple of months ago and immediately decided, not only that it’s probably the most beautiful and perfect book I’ve ever read, but that I had to do some drawings for it. I’ve done a cover in the end, because I needed some practise and because I wanted to see if I could sum it all up (for myself anyway) in just one image.

I’ve kept all the blurb and publisher’s details from the copy I read for a little authenticity and so I’m hoping that if I make it very clear that THESE IMAGES ARE FOR SELF-PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY they won’t get cross and make me give them lots of monies I don’t have.



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3 responses to “I can only dream . . .

  1. this is some incredible design

  2. Yasmin

    i love this!good work…also im working on finding the book so i can read it! xxx

  3. Molly Tamsine Jacob

    very impressive nell! I really like it.

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